Over 3, 000 Chisamba farmers scammed

Over three thousand small scale farmers in Chipilepile area, in Chief Chamuka’s Chiefdom of Chisamba District have been displaced after their land was allegedly sold.

This came to light after the farmers who have lived on the land for over 20 years staged a peaceful demonstration at the Chisamba district office to make known their matter to the authorities.

The farmers who where represented by Community Spokesperson MAXWELL MUGULAMENO say that Chisamba town council Physical planning officer LOGAN MWAPE allegedly sold land to some top officials from the opposition PF and council workers.

Mr. MUGULAMENO said the farmers have had their land grabbed from them without any official communication leaving families homeless.

And Chief Government Spokesperson CHUSHI KASANDA who was on hand to address the farmers expressed disappointment with how officials from the PF handled the issue of land in the country.

Ms. KASANDA said that it is unacceptable that land meant for ordinary Zambians was grabbed from them and sold to people who have amassed wealth from corrupt practices.

“Government will ensure that land is restored back to the rightful owners” she said.

The Information Minister who is also Chisamba Member of Parliament said under the New dawn administration no one will be sold land at the expense of displacing innocent and poor people.

And Minister of Lands and Natural resources ELIJAH MUCHIMA said his office will institute an investigation in the matter.

Mr. MUCHIMA said his office will not hesitate to withhold the issuance of land titles across the country should councils continue operating in a similar manner.

He has further assured the protesters that Government will ensure that land is restored back to local people .

And Central Province Minister CREDO NANJUWA said he will by next week provide a detailed report to his counterpart in the Ministry of Lands over the matter.

Mr. NANJUWA has also expressed concern with the number of land titles that where issued to firms prominently among them mines in the Province at the expense of the local people.

He said the Province has a lot of unresolved land issues that have been brought about by the dealings of the PF Administration.

Source: ZNBC



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